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Not-For-Profit Organizations

Since our founding in 1986 we aligned our staff and trained them in issues relevant to not-for-profit organizations.  We keep abreast of the many issues and regulatory changes in accounting and taxes impacting these entities. Specifically, the Hoskins team presently have more than 100 client that are not-for-profits.  Those clients include mid-size not-for-profits to those with over 400 employees receiving in excess of $25M in funding. Hoskins invests in thoroughly understanding our not-for-profit clients, as well as determining applicable compliance requirements on the front end. We perform risk-based audits and keep communication lines with clients open throughout the audit process. Our team serves as a resource to our clients in providing information on best practices throughout the year and consulting as needed to provide clarification on any changes or additional requirements. 

Government Entities

Hoskins & Company has provided accounting, auditing, and advisory services for government entities for over 32 years.  Our training, experience and expertise have been developed through participation in highly complex government engagements and transaction audits. In no area has our industry specific knowledge been developed at a higher level. Based on this experience, we determined that a commitment to a "governmental" practice is a high priority for Hoskins & Company, and incorporated this commitment into our strategic plan.

College and Universities

In the current economic slowdown, colleges and universities are feeling the financial squeeze. Whether the beneficiary of public funding, private research grants, an established endowment, or a combination thereof, educational institutions are increasingly focused on fiscal responsibility and operational effectiveness.

At Hoskins & Company, our higher education audit, tax and advisory professionals have dedicated their careers working with colleges and universities. We provide financial, operational and fiduciary advice in a range of areas, including providing Employee Benefit Plan audits.