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Major corporations are seeking to diversify their vendor base, recognizing that companies with diverse supplier bases gain access to multicultural markets, leverage the flexibility of the small business, and often realize significant cost savings. This has been the case for the major corporations we've served: Hilton Hotels and Nissan North America. We have delivered professional services to these corporation at the same level of experience that a "Big Four" firm would offer, but at half the price they require.

Federal Contractors

Since our founding in 1986, Hoskins & Company aligned our staff and trained them in issues relevant to small disadvantaged businesses. Over the years that focus has developed more specifically to include 8(a) certified federal contractors. We keep abreast of the many issues and regulatory changes in accounting and taxes impacting these businesses. Our services have assisted our federal contractor clients in strategic planning, cash flow management, accounting system selection, set-up, and training, and other areas.

Corporate Tax Filers

As tax preparation services options have become more wide spread, the IRS has become more stringent regarding corporate compliance to tax regulations. Hoskins & Company prepares over 500 tax returns on an annual basis. These returns include U.S. Corporate and State Tax Returns for company doing business throughout the United States. Our professional tax preparation services can eliminate errors that signal inaccuracies to the IRS.