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Federal Experience

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United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Contract Title: Accounting Services Support

Hoskins delivers support in the areas of accounting, and related financial management with the specific outcome of producing comprehensible and meaningful managerial reports that can be used for the purpose of decision making.Tasks include:

  • Designing an accounting software profile
  • Migrating historical data into accounting software program
  • Developing end-user accounting and operational reports and outputs
  • Developing standard procedures for end-users and data input users
  • Training data input users and end-users on the use of accounting software
  • Providing maintenance and updates to accounting software as required

National Guard Bureau Tennessee Army National Guard (TNARNG)

Contract Title: Behavioral Health Readiness Support Services

Services Required: Perform a wide range of administrative tasks for the State Surgeon's office involved in the formation and administration of various projects, including:

  • Case Management Support
  • Mobilization Readiness Support
  • Administrative Support
  • Clerical Support
  • Files Support

Contract Title: Certified Financial Planner Services

Services Required: Support the development of a comprehensive financial literacy program based on financially sound principles of fiscal responsibility, building budget literacy, debt analysis & management, credit recovery, risk management and financial planning for the specific purpose of sustaining the mission readiness of Service Members by:

  • Coordinating with appropriate TNARNG offices to market, implement and administer a comprehensive financial literacy program
  • Developing a tracking metric to measure program usage and success
  • Coaching, mentoring, and advising individuals in the process of personal financial goal setting
  • Providing individualized comprehensive financial education and coaching
  • Attending Deployment Cycle Support and Family Readiness briefings


Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Contract Title: Neighborhood Stabilization Program Round 2 (NSP2) Internal Audit Services

Services Required: Assess overall compliance, practices and procedures, internal controls, and operations to assure program funds received by a consortium of housing organizations were being used in compliance with a wide range of federal requirements, and to helped them meet the aggressive schedule established for the expenditure of those funds by:

  • Developing and recommending a six-month plan of initial audit assignments for all subsequent six-month periods
  • Assisting in subrecipients monitoring
  • Confirming that HUD certifications and approvals were in place prior to any obligation of funds
  • Confirming that only NSP2 eligible uses were being funded
  • Confirming Costs Incurred Comply with Applicable Laws, Policies, and Delegated Authorities
  • Confirming that rate of expenditures was within program requirements
  • Determining if NSP2 rehabilitation work was properly completed
  • Determining if earmarking of funds was being met
  • Identifying areas of financial risk exposure

Department of Energy

Contract Title: Incurred Costs Audit Services

Services Required: Ensure actual proposed or billed/incurred costs to be funded or reimbursed by the government to include only those costs deemed allowable, reasonable, and allocable, and provide audit professional advice on accounting and financial matters to assist in the negotiation, award, administration, re-pricing and settlement of contract and financial assistance awards and modifications, to include:

  • Ensuring the existence of adequate controls which will prevent or avoid wasteful, careless, fraudulent, and inefficient practices by awardees
  • Evaluating an awardee's policies, procedures, controls and actual performance
  • Identifying and evaluating all activities which contribute to, or have an impact on, proposed or incurred costs of Government financial assistance and contract awards

NASA Shared Services Center

Contract Title: Contract Audit Services

Services Required: Perform a Broad Range of Contract Audits on NASA Contractors to provide NASA with information that will assist in the pre-award, award, and administration functions of NASA contracts and modifications. including, but not limited to:

  • Contractor Disclosure Statement compliance
  • Cost Accounting Standards compliance
  • Forward Pricing Rate Proposal Audits
  • Testing of paid vouchers
  • Accounting, Estimating, or Purchasing System Audits
  • Full or Partial Cost Proposals Audits
  • Establishment of provisional billing rates
  • Pre-award survey of prospective contractor accounting system
  • Application of Agreed-Upon Procedures
  • Claim and Termination Audits