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Gina Inkum, CPA
Assurance Services Partner

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Gina Inkum, CPA is Assurance Services Partner. Gina began her career at Hoskins & Company in 2009 as a staff auditor, where she’s had the opportunity to work with clients representing various industries, including State and local governments, non-profit organizations, and global commercial enterprises. Gina has a proven track record of business development, creating strategy for strong market positioning, and providing solutions to create efficiencies for small and medium business owners, particularly professional services providers.

Gina started her accounting career as an intern with IBM in 2000. Over the next decade she worked for Fortune 500 companies as well as small and medium size organizations spanning various industries, including auto, healthcare, mortgage, and governmental. Gina has developed technical skills that include financial auditing, compliance auditing, governmental auditing, financial analysis, training, consulting, systems implementation, and provision of business turnaround solutions.  Her outstanding interpersonal skills and ability to communicate complex issues while using easy to comprehend language, is one reason she is loved by her clients.

Gina is active in civic affairs on both the local and international levels. She has been a pace setter in her community leading various organizations to promote unity and diversity including Nashville’s premier African Heritage Celebrations and the proclamation of an African Heritage Day by the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County in 2013. On the International level, she leads various projects to give back to Ghana, her country of origin. These projects include the provision of clean drinking water and educational scholarships to level the playing field for less fortunate kids that would otherwise have not had an opportunity to receive an education.

“Often times, people launch out to start a business by becoming self-employed instead of being employees. Without putting the proper systems in place, these professionals end up buying themselves another job”.

Gina Inkum